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We have so much wonderful news to share! From Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS to the Rolling Stones tour, World Monologue Games, Hollywood news and our incredible school ranking! Check out the wonderful achievements our students and alumni are making at the studio and in the industry! We are ranked in the TOP THREE SCHOOLS in Brisbane!...

We have so much wonderful news to share!

From Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS to the Rolling Stones tour, World Monologue Games, Hollywood news and our incredible school ranking!

Check out the wonderful achievements our students and alumni are making at the studio and in the industry!

We are ranked in the TOP THREE SCHOOLS in Brisbane!

At the end of May this year our studio was officially ranked in the top three acting schools in Brisbane and best Youth Arts School.  This is an incredible achievement for us and a testament to our students and alumni who work diligently to produce consistently exceptional results.

Check out our ranking HERE!


We have made a number of submissions by invitation for commercials, TV series and movies with high level national and international casting directors.

We have submitted work for Universal studios, Hollywood for major motion pictures in the USA as well as some of the biggest names in Australian casting asking for my personal recommendations for talent.

It is wonderful just to be seen and considered by these professionals but, of course we have our fingers crossed to be cast too!  This is very exciting for us and we have worked hard to submit professional takes and screen tests for industry positions. 


Everyone has been working diligently towards their individual and group goals.  We have very creative and enthusiastic students!

Acting Classes

Our acting classes just finished performing in our annual studio shows.

Click here to see photos of REVOLTING CHILDREN 

Click here to see photos of THREE SIDES TO EVERY STORY

Drama Classes

Our drama students are exploring creative storytelling and literature.  They continue to impress us with their ability to make skits and scenes with stories from their own lives, particularly the antics of school! We look forward to welcoming parents into our open classroom and showcase later in the year.

Theatre Sports

What can I say about our hilarious theatre sports participants?!  Some of our sketches and scenes would rival SNL and Kath and Kim.

Each week our classes are structured differently but the core training goals remain consistent – spontaneity and creativity in performance.  We continue to focus on our ‘on the spot’ training and encourage individuals to draw upon anecdotal stories from their own lives to make comedy.  The results? Hilarious!

Performance Team

We have offered a number of complimentary lesson extensions and project discussions over the last few months. We will continue to offer these additional FREE classes to students when they fit the educational and age brief.

We have covered themes from contemporary verbatim theatre to advanced technical acting skills, wartime stories, women’s issues, Greek Theatre and Shakespeare.

Private Tuition

Our private students continue to work towards their individual goals and are preparing for upcoming competitions, exams and auditions. We continue to explore complex literature, the discipline of acting as well as speech.

Some of our tertiary students are preparing to make final submissions to our international examination board, Trinity College London. If successful they will attain internationally recognised credentials in areas such as performance and teaching.


Our young actors just submitted live takes for the World Monologue Games 2022!  We made over 20 submissions this year with ages ranging from junior students to alumni. Best of luck to all involved and representing us on this global platform!

Check out the global competition here! 

Zac is working with THE ROLLING STONES

Our talented alumni Zah Saleh, was recently head-hunted and shipped off to the UK to work with The Rolling Stones on their current tour.  Zac is working with a prestigious team of lighting designers touring with the show.

Zac took a shine to lighting from a young age and at 11 years old would design and execute lighting for our shows, some with over 150 performers.  He has been working in the big league for a while now and still makes time to touch base with me and share exciting news.  Congratulations to Zac and we can’t wait to hear more about The Rolling Stones tour!


Have you seen Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS movie yet?!  If not, you’re in for a treat. You’ll see some of our studio alumni front and centre in this incredible film about the life and times of Elvis Presley.

Congratulations to Baz Luhrmann and his incredible cast and crew for producing this masterpiece. An artistic, historical and heartfelt account of Elvis, his music and the cultural landscape that shaped him into one of the most iconic performers of all time.  A must see on the big screen!

As expected, the Gold Coast spared no expense for the premiere last month as the industry came together to celebrate the film.  You can see some pics of Alumnus Meg Triandis with Studio Director, Marianna Psaltis  on the Red Carpet via our Facebook or Instagram pages.  Click here to check out the Red Carpet pics!


Our alumnus, Claire Dewar continues to make achievement, after achievement. Since recently graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood she has been offered a tightly held position in the Academy’s professional performance company.  WOW!  After a short visit last month Claire has since returned to the USA to pursue her acting position at the Academy’s Hollywood company.


Rose Traynor-Boyland and Raquelle von Stein performed a big program of selected performance work in a one-person-show this past Saturday at the Gold Coast for the Murwillumbah eisteddfod. Congratulations to both performers for their outstanding work and high marks in this section and a special mention to Rose for coming home with the runner-up award and cash prize!


Our students have accomplished so much already and we still hav so many wonderful events to look forward to.


Stay tuned…


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