Drama Classes

Confidence Building - Creativity - Personal Development

I have achieved above and beyond what I thought I would when I first joined the studio. I was able to participate in numerous eisteddfods and was lucky enough to participate in a movie!

Georgia Wruck

Simply put, the studio was the space we needed for Dantè to find his tribe and unleash his inner quirky, creative and confident self and we are eternally grateful to all the staff for how they ensure that all those who join are included and made to feel accepted and encouraged to find their inner sparkle and shine in a way that’s true to them in their own way and time.

Michelle Sparks

Learning at the studio has allowed me to perform in theatrical productions and eisteddfods, complete Acting exams and be a part of a positive environment where you are encouraged to be yourself among other hardworking actors. These experiences were so valuable as they boosted my confidence in everyday life. 

All of this could not be achieved without Miss P who will always give everything to help her students achieve.

Bianca Allen
Student of 13 years

Why take drama classes with us?

Drama classes are engaging, fun and confidence boosting! Many students attend classes at our studio for the fun, theatrics and wonderful art of drama and acting. Through engagement in carefully constructed activities students gain the confidence to express themselves and discover who they truly are.

We teach core values that empower young people to be the best they can!
Confidence. Discipline. Commitment. Respect. Empathy. Literature. Performance skills. Teamwork.
Drama Classes for confidence, creativity and personal development.

We focus on personal development and bring out the best in our performers by providing a supportive environment in which students flourish. We cater to diverse learning abilities and all classes are overseen by studio director, Marianna Psaltis and taught by a qualified and trained team.

Our teachers and mentors empower and support our young people by providing a welcoming and engaging environment where students feel comfortable to be themselves.
Our studio is a place where everyone belongs.

A safe and inviting environment for all students with ongoing education and support through the schooling years and beyond.

Our dedication to our students is unmatched because we are driven by passion and care.
When you join our studio you join an ongoing culture of respect and empowerment.
Here’s to the next generation at our studio and those who came before them!

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